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Does your non-profit need an experienced grant writer who can move you from big idea to winning proposal?

You've found him.

For proposals, reports, direct appeals, and other fundraising collateral—I know what works.

For newsletters, press releases, website content, and ghost-written articles—I can pick up your voice and brand quickly.

My experience includes a decade of grantwriting for 10 different organizations and an MPA from NYU Wagner.

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What We I Do

Grant Writing and Management

I’ve secured seven figure checks from the 800 pound gorillas (Ford Foundation, Open Society Foundations), turned a handful of gifts from family foundations into a cohesive grants strategy, and translated big dreams into fundable projects.

I’ve been there with organizations for their very first grants, patched up relationships with lapsed donors, and transformed headaches into turnkey revenue streams.

Framing Guidance

You know what you mean, and your Program Director knows what you mean, but do your funders know what you mean? Do your board members? Does the reporter that could bring your work to the outside world?

I help organizations tell the big story about what their work is and why it matters, in language that’s accessible to people who haven’t spent their whole lives at a 501(c)3.

Newsletters, Reports, and Emails

How many times did an organization, even one that you care about, try to reach you today, and how many times did you automatically hit delete or ignore them full stop? No, seriously, count. I’ll wait…

I work with organizations to infuse their content with authentic, evocative messages that cut through the clutter, regardless of the platform.

How It Works

Brains, Brains, Everywhere!

One of my clients just has too many brilliant people working for them. Yes, that really is a problem. Each person brings a perspective that is too valuable to be left out of a grant proposal but, when I was brought in, the process had become messy and the voice of written materials had become mangled.

As a neutral arbiter, I am able to pick out the insights from each individual's story that are truly meaningful, and shape each of these elements into a cohesive narrative that is concise without sacrificing nuance.

Sometimes Less is More

I got a call from a now-client who had just finished some distressing math. Having a full time staff member on foundation and corporate giving just didn't make sense, given the return on resources, but program staff took great professional satisfaction from having pots of money with which to be creative and reach new constituencies.

By focusing on the easy money, while working with staff to build a pipeline of experimental activities that are also highly fundable, I have maintained steady grant revenue at 40% of the staffing cost, and staff members are more excited than ever about potential new directions for their work.

Just the tough stuff

For a client transitioning from a mom and pop shop to a professionalized organization, I secured a grant from their local community foundation to develop administrative infrastructure. Every step of the way, I walked them through what I was doing and why, to prepare them for future applications.

Now, they can do their own foundation research and relationship development, and they only have to bring me in for the pieces that involve strategy or writing. It's win-win for an organization where resources are tight; they save money by limiting my involvement to only those elements that require my specific skill set, and I get to work on the meaty stuff that gets my neurons firing.


Ross is a natural leader that brings thoughtful energy and pragmatism to all he does. He doesn't accept the easy answers—he demands more from himself and those he collaborates with. I'm pleased to recommend him as a grant writer and collaborative partner.

Robert Grabel, Founder, Teens Run Westchester and Training for Good

I’ve been vetting and hiring grant writers for years, and Ross Mudrick is on my go-to list of favorite collaborators. He’s smart and creative about how to persuade a funder in the confines of a proposal while staying true to the story and voice of the organization. And perhaps just as importantly for us, he’s responsible and flexible with time, solidly reliable with deadlines, and able to work with a range of project leaders.

We've been lucky to have Ross’ help on a number of writing projects, from crafting a nuanced, complex proposal for quickly shifting program work to churning out a pile of similar but slightly different grant reports on overlapping deadlines. I recommend him highly—as long as he still has time for us!

Aliza Dichter, Senior Development Strategist & Editor, Citizen Engagement Lab/CEL Education Fund

I had a project that was bogging me down: too many ideas and not enough time to get it into final shape. Ross came in and he quickly gave it form, capturing my voice and refining loose concepts into specific insights. Throughout the process he was responsive and flexible, reducing my stress and giving me the confidence to direct my attention to the many other areas where it was needed. I recommend him highly as a writing and editing partner.

Paul VanDeCarr, Managing Director, Working Narratives


Ha! Made you look! We can talk about my rate once we’ve discussed the scope and scale of what you need. Still, know that I work for non-profits because I believe in the work we do, and my rates reflect my commitment to the long-term health of your organization.

And also know that I’ve worked in enough organizations to understand that flexibility on my part (hourly rates or project-based rates, quick turnaround when needed) can make a major difference to you.